Barite Bazar is a Kolkata based online retail market , aiming to provide you a precious time saving service by delivering fresh RAW FOOD PRODUCTS like VEGETABLES , FRUITS , FISH , CHICKEN etc at your door step . Our motto is not only to make profit but also produce a prime service by solving each and every problem that you face daily at your bazar time . Simultaneously , to generate a huge scope of employment is one of our chief objects . Barite Bazar has already developed a “ FARMERS’ BANK ” having more then 100 farmers who directly bring their Vegetables to Barite Bazar and thus our dream of establishing a direct link between the farmers and the consumers has come true .
If you have a busy schedule and find a very little spare time for going to market , if you are doubtful about the weight of the Vegetables and Fruits that you generally purchase from the local market in compulsion and if it’s freshness is not up to your satisfaction , if you don’t find enough variety of Vegetables in the local market , Barite Bazar is the best option for your daily bazar.